How to convert a DVD into an AVI on Linux using devede and mencoder?

I don’t know if there is an easier solution (please share if you know one) –

# Recent Edit – Try this tool before proceeding –

To convert the DVD into a compact format you can use devede – # The link shows how to convert AVI to DVD.

To do vice versa – DVD to AVI –

1. Install devede –

$ sudo apt-get install devede         # works on Ubuntu

2. Run devede –

$ devede &

3. Select the Divx / MPEG -4 option

4. Add the DVD videos of interest

Click on Add below

Choose the .VOB files of interest (I think it allows only one at a time)

When done with the addition –

3. Choose the appropriate media size & click on ‘Adjust disc usage’ button

4. Click Foward

and choose destination folder

5. Quit when done

6. You will get a .avi file for each .VOB file. You can join them into one in the destination folder using –

$ mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy movie_01.avi movie_02.avi movie_03.avi -o WholeMovie.avi


There should be an easier way to do this!


How to resize photographs on Linux – The convert utility?

I was struggling to resize photographs when I found the convert utility –

You can also check –

I got this simple loop in place –

alias cvt=’for img in $images ; do convert -sample 25%x25% $img $(basename $img) ; done’

images can be initialized as desired

images=$(ls *.jpg)  # This will resize the pics in place so you better have a backup

Need to get a command to convert raw files to jpeg. Later…